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"I've just had a look at the reporting on our first email newsletter and am staggered by how marvellous it is.

A totally fantastic system!"

Katy McGrory, Brighton & Hove CVS Forum 


CharityeMail Costs

The CharityeMail package includes:

  • Everything you need to build your emails, manage address books, test and send campaigns.
  • An easy system to upload your existing emails into an address book, manage bounces and unsubscribes.
  • Free training for all staff and free refresher courses.
  • Quick start guides, white papers, videos and support.


  • No set up fee
  • No support costs
  • No monthly charges except what you use
  • You then get billed monthly in arrears for the number of emails you send - by band. So if you send 3 campaigns to 4000 people you will get charged for 12,000 emails.
  • If you send no emails you dont get charged.

    Email allowance
    per month*
































Standard hourly rate is £65 per hour for design, training and consultancy.

In addition we offer a range of optional extras

  • Enterprise edition offers a survey tool, additional segmentation options and a microsite builder. Find out more here. Cost £75 one-off set-up fee.
  • Customised FROM email address so that your emails come from an email address your supporters will recognise. Read how this works here. Cost £100 set-up fee.
  • Template design. We can design you a template that matches your brand, website or a special campaign. Cost £100 per template.

CharityeMail is a complete stand-alone system, but we do have a number of clients using customised versions that have, for example, been totally integrated with their own website, fundraising database or e-commerce system. Talk to us if this interests you.

We can provide email template design. We have many years' experience in producing hard-hitting HTML emails. If you'd rather not take on the design side yourself, we'll do a better job than a general web design company. Don't forget that once a template exists, you can make any ongoing changes yourself, so there's no long-term commitment to any outside party.

We can help you with general email marketing consultancy, strategy development and advice, including post-campaign analysis. We can also provide a full managed service if required.

"Charity email is an effective, low cost way for us to communicate with our current members and potential donors.

The reporting system is extremely effective and allows us to track the success of our campaigns. We use the system for appeals, services marketing and e-news to our members and volunteers.

I would recommend this system for anyone trying to make the most of a small budget, it is definitely worth the investment."

Lindsey Poole, The Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside