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"I've just had a look at the reporting on our first email newsletter and am staggered by how marvellous it is.

A totally fantastic system!"

Katy McGrory, Brighton & Hove CVS Forum 


Professional Package Features

Data capture and management
Easy data upload
Upload new contacts and mailing lists quickly and easily, including customisable database fields, e.g. Age, Gender, Job Title, Transactions, Preferences etc. Automatic deduplication on upload. Removal of unsubscribed and bad email addresses.

Fast and efficient data management. Enriched data is the key to successful profiling, segmenting and targeting. Use CharityeMail to create personalised, highly relevant campaigns for improved metrics and ROI.

Easy to switch from a previous email service provider and keep your data intact.
Automatic unsubscribe handling
1-click, real time unsubscription, with optional 'unsubscribe survey' for reason reporting.

CharityeMail makes your unsubscribers your friends, by enabling them to feedback on the reasons they unsubscribed - invaluable data for your future campaign tactics.
Automatic website signup
Create advanced web sign-up forms at the click of a mouse to add contacts, via single or double opt in, into multiple address books and to append valuable additional data fields.

Enables you to grow and enrich your database using website sign-ups, without having to build and code your own web forms.
Automatic signup confirmation  
Choice of single or double opt in
Choose double opt in for CharityeMail to automatically send a confirmation to your website sign-ups, before adding them to your address books.

Double opt-in is in line with marketing best practice and can help improve your deliverability rates.
Update recipients' details online
Change contact details, demographic data etc.

It's easy to change and update recipients' details.
Allow recipients to update their own details Keeps your lists accurate, whilst saving time and resource.
Automatic bounce handling
CharityeMail's bounce handling enables you to define your own thresholds for hard and soft bounces, e.g. after 3 failed campaign deliveries due to soft bouncing, a contact becomes unsubscribed.

Clean data is key to developing and maintaining your reputation with both recipients and ISPs and maximising your deliverability rates.

Automation saves you time whilst still leaving you in control.
Data mapping
Easily upload and overlay new demographic and other enriched data onto existing contacts in your address books, at the click of a mouse (matched by email address).

No need to employ expensive data bureaux or 3rd party software to match and enrich your data for improved metrics and ROI.

No technical knowledge or skills required (see Segmentation Tool).
Scalable data storage solution
CharityeMail comes in a choice of 4 email marketing packages with different levels of data storage, right up to unlimited mailing lists and database fields.

Our packages fit and grow with your needs. No need to reinvest in a new platform as your business grows.
Easy data export  
Export data in CSV or XML formats, including:

  • Address books
  • Custom fields
  • Segmentation queries
  • Soft and hard bounces
  • Unsubscribes by date or campaign

It's easy to pass on lists of warm leads to your sales team, extract segmentation queries and update other applications, e.g. with unsubscribe data.
API connectors and access
Different levels of API access enable you to connect CharityeMail to your backend systems, and:

  • Create address books
  • Empty an address book
  • Add and remove addresses
  • Retrieve and update recipient data
  • Retrieve unsubscribe data
  • Send a campaign
  • Get form data

Integrating CharityeMail with your inhouse database or CRM saves time and ensures data accuracy and efficient marketing.
Domain suppression
Suppress all email addresses in your address books at a domain level in one easy step.

Saves you a lot of time when one company asks to be removed as a whole from your list.
Data segmentation and targeting
Segmentation Data Query Builder
Easily create data mining and segmentation queries within CharityeMail using our highly effective and sophisticated, yet easy to use query builder.

Query and segment your data by key demographic variables e.g. send a targeted campaign to all your contacts who: are male, aged over 21-30 and have expressed an interest in sports equipment.

No need to use expensive data bureaux or 3rd party software to query and mine your database. No need to rerun your queries - they update themselves in real time when relevant contacts join your database. No technical knowledge required.

Highly targeted campaigns with tailored messages improve your metrics and ROI.
Coming soon: Segmentation querying by reporting data
Query your data by behavioural and contact history.

Geomap segmentation (coming soon)
Simple point and click technology to create segments based on recipients IP location and postcode.

Save time. Create geographically targeted lists for improved metrics and ROI.
Public address books
Allow your recipients to update their own contact details and add additional information to your address books by making your own public facing preference centre.

Saving you administration time and keeping your database clean and enriched.
Survey Builder Tool  
(Add-on service, additional monthly charge applies) Easy online survey building, with real time data appending to your email address lists.

Capture valuable data on your recipients to create future targeted campaigns and build a greater understanding of your market. No technical skills or programming required. No need to pay for expensive data capture or rekeying.
Easily upload and edit your HTML templates
Choose how you create your templates:

  • Easily import your own existing templates
  • Personalise any one of our 100+ professionally designed free templates
  • Take advantage of our template design services
  • Design from scratch and/or edit using our WYSIWYG Word style editor

No HTML or design skills required. Update and manage your own templates - no need for developers or designers.
Insert text, graphics, links, tables - just point and click Our highly intuitive, user-friendly and easy to use editor gives you control and flexibility, with no need for previous experience or training.
Add external web links to your email content
Add web links to text and images quickly and easily to direct your recipients to your website.

Drive website conversions. Add link names so you can quickly generate click-through lists of warm leads by interest area, for follow-up.
Easy image resizing tool
Easily crop or resize your images within CharityeMail, before dropping them into your templates.

No need for 3rd party design packages to resize graphics - saves time and resource and gets your images looking right.
Built-in spam checker 
Checks and scores the content of your campaign against spam filters in advance of despatch. We partner with Spam Assassin for this, the industry's standard Spam Checker.

Identify potential issues with spam filters in advance, to maximise your deliverability.
Advanced spam checker
Provides a detailed breakdown by all major potential spam filtering technologies (Available with CharityeMail Enterprise as part of the Inbox Preview add-on service. Additional usage charge applies).

Allows you to adjust your strategies to address all the potential spam filter issues identified by type of filter, server etc.
Link checker
Automatically checks the links in your campaign and highlights broken links.

Saves time and avoids easily over-looked errors.
Personalised preview
See at a glance how your personalised content will look in your email.

A time-saving way to test personalisation before test-sending.
√Ę‚¨ňSRefer a Friend√Ę‚¨‚Ę link
Add a link to your template in one click, to make your email viral and allow your recipients to easily send your campaign to their friends, family and colleagues.

Extends the reach of your campaign. Helps your recipients build your database for you, with new and actively engaged referrals.
√Ę‚¨ňSAdd to social networks√Ę‚¨‚Ę link
At the click of your mouse you can enable your recipients to post your emails to their social networking pages. CharityeMail will track and report on the spread of your campaign through these social networks posts.

If your message is relevant and interesting for your recipients, with this link they can share it with like-minded friends. Include a link back to your website and you can effectively build your database with fresh and engaged new prospects.
Personalise your email content 
Add response-boosting personalisation at the touch of a button, for example Dear 'Sam', or 'It was great to see you at 'place'.

Easily add defaults such as 'Dear customer'. With our Enterprise package you can have unlimited personalised data fields.

Personalisation makes your campaigns more resonant and relevant to your recipients, so they're more likely to read them and act on them.
Dynamic Content
CharityeMail makes it easy to insert dynamic content into your emails including blocks of text, images etc, without having to create multiple versions of the same email.

Dynamic content means highly personalised, relevant and targeted emails  - increasing your metrics and ROI and saving you valuable time.
Microsite Builder
Quick and easy creation of dedicated landing pages and microsites to link your email campaigns to.

Dedicated landing pages relevant to your offer are proven to boost conversion rates. No need for design or developer resource. No need to involve IT. No technical skills required.
Document linker
If you are unable to upload a document to your website, upload it into your CharityeMail campaign in one easy step.

Drive click-throughs to your linked documents. Add link names so you can quickly generate click-through lists of hot leads for follow-up.
Free, unlimited test sends
Test-send your emails as many times as you need, free of charge, before you deploy.

For best results the old adage remains true: test and test again.
Inbox Preview
(Add-on service with CharityeMail Enterprise. Additional usage charge applies).

How do your emails look when they're delivered?  You wouldn't print a brochure without proofing it first, and that's why CharityeMail includes a time-slashing 'Inbox Preview' proofing tool.  In just one-click you can see how your email and branding look in over 20 key email clients √Ę‚¨‚¨S before you hit the send button.

A hugely time-saving way to ensure your campaigns are rendering properly for all your recipients and maximise their chances of being opened and read, with your brand remaining intact. 20% of emails are deleted unread if they haven't rendered properly.
Subject line split testing
CharityeMail includes an ingenious split-testing tool. Use this invaluable √Ę‚¨ňSopen-rate booster√Ę‚¨‚Ę to simultaneously test two different subject lines in a campaign. CharityeMail will analyse which line is performing the best, and switch the rest of your email sends to that winning subject line.

Lets you test and maximise your open rates using the best performing subject line.
Multipart delivery
Emails are dispatched from CharityeMail with both an HTML and a text version, so if your recipients are viewing on a blackberry or have HTML disabled, the most appropriate version is chosen automatically on dispatch.

Ensures all your recipients will be able to read your email.
Schedule campaigns to be sent in the future 
Select a future date and time for automatic dispatch of your campaigns.

Flexibility and control. Ensure your campaigns are sent at the optimum time and date for best response.
Choose your email 'From Address'  
Send from your or another address you choose (set-up charge applies). We recommend an alternative domain similar to your main domain e.g.

Enhances your brand and your delivery rates.  Keeps your corporate transactional email safe from threat of black listing.
Outbox, with campaign √Ę‚¨ňSpause√Ę‚¨‚Ę button
Track the progress of your dispatch, and pause your campaign if necessary.

Hitting 'send' is not the final word - you can still pause, make amends and resume if you need to!
Latest delivery authentication employed
Sender ID, SPF, domain keys.

We employ the latest delivery authentication to maximise your deliverability rates. Find out more here. 
Triggered campaigns  
Triggered emails following web form submission
Easily set up automatic confirmation emails, sent to your visitors when they sign-up on your  website.

E.G. 'Thank you for signing up to our Newsletter. As a newsletter subscriber you are entitled to 20% off your first order with us. Click here to claim your discount'.

An invaluable opportunity to thank them, request double opt in, and up-sell them.
Custom event triggered emails
There are literally hundreds of 'custom event' triggers you can use to drive your automated campaigns.

From customers√Ę‚¨‚Ę birthdays, to their buying patterns, and expressed preferences, from seasons and holiday dates to life cycle milestones, communicating with your prospects and customers at key and relevant times will positively impact on your bottom line and relationships.

Generate leads and conversion automatically. You set up conditions and when the conditions are met, an email is automatically sent √Ę‚¨‚¨S saving you resource and generating response.
Series triggered emails
Date based triggers e.g. Build a schedule of related campaigns such as a 4-stage renewal programme or reminders.

Sends the right content at the right time - automatically.
Triggered emails based on recipient action (coming soon)
Send out future campaigns based on recipient activity, e.g. Clicking on a link in your email.

Maximises up sell/cross sell opportunities - automatically.


Graphical representations of your results 
See your campaign response metrics represented in boardroom-ready graphs and charts.

Easy campaign analysis, ready for you to present in meetings to show the ROI of your campaigns and justify more email marketing budget!
Delivered and open rates
View your open rates by time, date and number of times opened.

Identify the best days and times to send your campaigns.
Links clicked - by link name and URL
See which links generated the most traffic to your site and which content and calls to action were the most popular.

Invaluable data and analysis for planning future content and calls to action.
Drill down to individual recipients
Track at individual level who opened and clicked through your email campaign.

Follow-up recipients who read and responded to your email, and turn click throughs into named leads and conversions.
See how many people forwarded your email to their friends, families and colleagues.

Invaluable data for planning future successful viral campaigns.
View and manage any recipient replies to your email campaigns through the CharityeMail reporting engine.

Ensures you don't miss any important responses.
Bounces and unsubscribes
Report at contact level on individuals who have hard bounced, soft bounced or chosen to unsubscribe.

Export bounce and unsubscribe data to keep your backend database clean.
Overlay 'hotspot' report  
View at-a-glance which links within your template generated the most click-throughs and where your recipients prefer to click within your email.

Learn from and refine the layout and content of your template for maximum response and ROI.
Unlimited export of your reporting stats
Export reporting data as many times as you need.

Feed results into your CRM, back end databases, pass on to your sales team or include in marketing reports and presentations.
√Ę‚¨ŇHot Prospects√Ę‚¨ reports
CharityeMail will produce a report of your most active prospects and customers in terms of their interaction with your email.

An instant, configurable hot prospects list for your sales and marketing people to follow up.
Social network bookmark views
Track how many times your email has been posted on social networking sites such as Facebook.

Unprecedented data to help you build a successful viral marketing strategy. If your message is relevant and interesting for your recipients, with this link they can share it with like-minded friends. Include a link back to your website and you can effectively build your database with fresh and engaged new prospects.
Compare reports from different campaigns
Compare and identify key trends and successes.

Learn what works and what doesn't. Improve your future metrics and ROI.
Schedule report updates  
Automatically email to up to five colleagues per campaign.

Ensures you keep key colleagues in the loop on your campaign metrics. Saves time and resource.
Automatic list/address book generation from reports
Quickly and easily send targeted follow-up campaigns to key segments of your recipients, based on their activity.

In one mouse click CharityeMail will set up an address book of, for example, all those who didn't open an email, or all those who clicked on a certain link.

Drive more response and ROI from key segments. Save time and resource exporting and re-importing data.
Website page and path tracking
Track your individual recipients' journeys from your email right through your website.

Identifies your very hottest prospects, what they are interested in and the paths they take.
ROI tracking
CharityeMail will track, calculate and report on the ROI of your campaign (or the number of signups or downloads for example).

ROI in marketing is everything. Email marketing with CharityeMail makes ROI tracking and reporting easy.
Report by top 10 domains
View at a glance the most common domains within your list of recipients.

Helps you increase your deliverability and renderability by focusing on designing and testing your emails for the most important email clients.
One-click Google Analytics tracking code tool
CharityeMail can automatically add Google tracking code to your email link URLs.

Saves time. No coding or technical skills required.
Geomap of results (coming soon)
View your email open report by geography, on an at-glance heatmap.

Pinpoint your geographical hotspots for better metrics and ROI.
Contact history reporting (coming soon)
Lets you segment and target your contacts on the basis of their historical responsiveness and behaviour in response to the campaigns you've sent them.

Why keep sending the same messages to a contact who has never opened or responded?  CharityeMail lets you identify and target your best, most responsive contacts, for greater ROI.
Managed Service 
If you don't have the time or resources to handle your campaigns in-house , we offer a range of managed service solutions from basic through to advanced.

Let us do the work for you. Talk to one of our account managers about our Managed Service options.
Dedicated Account Manager who understands your business. Benefit from expert advice, guidance and support to help you develop more effective email marketing strategies.
User permissions management 
Set and manage your own user permission levels. Let's you restrict which team members can create and which can send campaigns.

Control, security and flexibility - you decide who has access to what.
Hierarchical Parent and Child accounts
(Chargeable per Child Account) Create sub accounts for different departments or brands within your organisation.

Enables sites and departments to manage their own email campaigns and databases as separate cost centres, while the organisation benefits from economy of scale pricing.


"Charity email is an effective, low cost way for us to communicate with our current members and potential donors.

The reporting system is extremely effective and allows us to track the success of our campaigns. We use the system for appeals, services marketing and e-news to our members and volunteers.

I would recommend this system for anyone trying to make the most of a small budget, it is definitely worth the investment."

Lindsey Poole, The Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside